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Here at LIFE Fellowship with our ministry to 6th-12th grade students,
The Gospel is what motivates us to Gather Grow and Go

Big God, Big Goals…   

GOSPEL: That every student would believe the Gospel.

GATHER: That we would be the most welcoming, loving community for any type of student that interacts with us.

GROW: That there would be a noticeable difference in each student from 6th grade to graduation because they believed the Gospel, were changed by it and intentionally engaged in every opportunity that could build their Faith to Love God and Love Others.

GO:  That every student who believes the Gospel would accept the mandate of Making Disciples “As they Go”.  As they Go to school, to work, at home, to games (extracurricular activities), to local community service opportunities and on Mission trips.  That they would prayerfully and intentionally love others, share the Gospel and make Disciples!

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Sunday Evening
5:30 PM: 6th – 12th Grade

SL Groups
Small Groups that meet outside of Sunday morning in homes throughout the Charlotte/Lake Norman Area.  Groups are based on grades and gender (Ex: 7th grade boys SL Group).