Britt Barlow

I serve as the Production Manager at LIFE Fellowship. As someone who dreamed of being on stage and in front of the camera, I never imagined myself working behind the scenes producing anything, much less, worship services. I was raised in the church and always knew that I ultimately wanted to use my talent for the glory of God. I tried to find that outlet in Hollywood.

I planned to be a successful actor who would share the love of Jesus with everyone who would listen. That was my plan. Notice the word “MY.” God had a different plan. I moved to Los Angeles as a SAG Eligible actor with an agent and manager ready to sign me. I had what every actor wanted and dreamed of in Los Angeles. It wasn’t long before God pulled me out of Hollywood because He knew that I wasn’t spiritually mature at that point in my life. I also know that he pulled me out because He had other plans for me as well. I am now following HIS plan and not MY plan. It isn’t where I thought I would be, but it is where I am called to be. Serving the church brings me great joy.

As the Production Manager, I get to interact with so many wonderful and talented people. I love leading this team each week. I love their servant hearts and their desire to strive for excellence. We’re all working for a common mission to “plan, prepare, and present worship that results in an active response from individuals to a holy God’s work in their lives and the world around them.”

Emily, my wife, serves at LIFE Fellowship as the café director, in addition to working a full-time job and being the mother of our two boys, Gavin and Reece. She’s an incredible woman that provides support in so many ways. I enjoy the fall, the mountains, and Alabama football. I’ve always had a passion for the theatre and film as well.

Being someone who has pursued a career in the entertainment world, I’ve always been drawn to Psalm 118:8, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” Sometimes people will let you down, but the Lord never will.