Marriage LIFE

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." - Genesis 2:24

Marriage is a big deal and we believe that every marriage was designed to thrive! Why? Marriage is God’s perfect object lesson of His love for us: it’s permanent, faithful, always loving, forgiving and giving. The health of a marriage relationship affects multiple aspects of our individual lives and community. If you are interested in taking your marriage to the next level or helping another couple to do the same, check out what we have to offer. To find out more or get involved in any of the options listed below contact our Marriage Pastor, Roland Martinez.

Pre-Engaged / Engaged

Congratulations! LIFE Fellowship is thrilled to be part of this exciting season in your life. We want to make sure you are equipped with the Biblical principles necessary to experience all that God intends your marriage to be. We offer three steps to prepare you for your married life. The process is as follows:

Step One: Take the Prepare Inventory

Step Two: Connect to a Marriage Mentor. Marriage Mentors are not counselors, but they are passionate about enriching marriages.

Step Three: Pre-marital counseling. Utilizing the Two Becoming One study by Don and Sally Meredith, this four session counseling will introduce you to God’s original intent for the marriage relationship.

Marriage Enrichment

There is no neutrality in marriage. You are either moving towards one another and growing in intimacy, or drifting away towards isolation. We want to provide resources to ensure you are moving towards one another in ONEness.

Option One: Two Becoming One small group study. This Study is designed to take you on an eight-week journey providing a Biblical blueprint that reveals the type of marriage God originally intended you to have.

Option Two: Be connected to a mentor. Maybe you don’t feel like you and your spouse are needing counseling but that you may benefit from marriage mentoring. Perhaps it would just help to have another person or couple to listen and walk you through some basic steps to Biblically rebuild or strengthen the foundation of your marriage.

Marriage in Crisis

“There are no other couples who struggle the way we do.” Thinking you are alone is one of the lies believed by those who are in a crisis marriage. “There is no hope for our marriage. I’m done….” Believing you are hopeless and ready to walk is another lie believed by those in a fractured relationship. LIFE Fellowship wants you to know there is hope. We want you to know that you are not alone, and are committed to helping you reconcile your marriage relationship. The first step for you is to reach out. Contact us for help at

Marriage Leadership

Option One: Become a 2B1MD. Train to disciple other couples through an eight-week study that focuses on God’s original intent for the marriage relationship.

Option Two: Become a marriage mentor. Interested in coming alongside other married couples? Become a Marriage Mentor! You will impact marriages and families for a lifetime. 

Want to serve in Marriage Life? Email Roland Martinez  and let us know that you're interested in helping to enrich other marriages! Two Becoming One is generally offered twice a year (usually once in January-February and again in September-October). Check out our events calendar to find the next class and signup!