Peek Behind the Curtain

LIFEQuest is a 90-minute class that is designed to help our guests gain a better understanding of what we call our “LIFE vision.”  One of our members has described LIFEQuest as “the place where people can really get under the hood of what we are doing.”

At LIFEQuest, we talk about the vision, values, philosophy and beliefs behind LIFE Fellowship.  It’s a great place to hear the story of how LIFE Fellowship came to be.  Furthermore, it provides a wonderful opportunity for meeting other guests and asking questions you may have.

In fact, LIFEQuest is our official membership class.  It’s at this class where the rubber meets the road. After attending LIFEQuest, people feel like they have a much better grasp of the vision of LIFE Fellowship.  More importantly, when people leave, they know if this is the type of church of which they want to become a part.  What you will enjoy the most about this tour through the vision of LIFE Fellowship is this vision can become your vision.  LIFE Fellowship calls others to join in our story by helping people realize that our story can become their story.

Generally, LIFEQuest class is held once a quarter. Check out the calendar to see when the next class is available and RSVP!