Brad Smith

Born in Sharon, Pennsylvania and raised in Youngstown, Ohio as the youngest of three boys, I grew up in a single parent family.

I sincerely gave my life to Jesus when I was ten years old, however, as I entered middle school and high school I was focused on my athletic pursuits and wasn’t walking with The Lord at all. I was fortunate to attend the University of North Carolina to play football, however, God had different plans for my career.

He used a series of athletic failures, rejections and a transfer to Kent State University to humble and bring me to my knees. Even though I was selfishly pursuing my life without him as I entered college, He graciously moved deeply in my heart during my third year of school where I rededicated my life to Christ.

While at Kent State, I met my precious wife and best friend. Gwen and I have been married for 27 years and we have three young adult children – Preston, Hunter and Kennedy. In June 2020, we were blessed to add another daughter to our family as our oldest son, Preston, married his precious wife Kelsi. Our family has attended LIFE Fellowship since the very first service where Gwen served as the church’s first worship leader.

Our kids were raised at LIFE Fellowship and the depth of friendships and opportunities to serve others at the church has been a tremendous joy and blessing. This is my second rotation on the elder team and I am humbled and honored to serve God’s church in this role again. As a family, we believe deeply in the church’s mission statement, which is “to pursue at all costs a passionate, God-centered life. In the context of this, I am passionate about coming alongside men, to encourage and equip them as husbands, fathers, and professionals, making much of Jesus and living faithfully in every area of their life.