Bob Williamsen

Born in Detroit, I was raised in a small town in Michigan.  My mom was not able to have children after my sister was born, so by God’s grace she and my dad decided to adopt me a few years later when I was just three weeks old.  Five years later, my parents adopted my younger brother as well.  Raised in a loving Christian home and saved in a rural Baptist church, my relationship with the Lord began when I was twelve years old.

After graduating from Michigan State University, I moved to Phoenix and lived there for the next eleven years.  During that time and for much of my business life, I have worked for various start-up companies.  During college and for several subsequent years, I wandered from my faith. After joining a new start-up company in 1991, the Lord was gracious to me and brought two strong believers into my life that boldly lived out their faith at work. One of those men, a co-founder of the company, led me back to the Lord and introduced me to a retired physician in Phoenix who taught adult Sunday school at a non-denominational church.  He became my mentor and there my walk with the Lord truly began.  Later, I was introduced to my wife Christy over a long distance phone call, since we lived at opposite ends of the country.  A few months later we met for the first time, and a year later married.  Christy moved to Phoenix and after a short stay we settled in the mountains of Colorado where we were blessed with our three wonderful children, Nelson, Chrissy and Lee. In 2010, we made the decision to move to the Lake Norman area since Christy is originally from Charlotte.  Thankfully, we found LIFE Fellowship shortly after our move.

The Lord has dramatically transformed my heart and my life since 1991. While I know there is much more growth ahead as I walk with the Lord daily, I am so thankful that He loves me unconditionally and continues to work on my heart. Our family loves LIFE Fellowship and we are grateful for our many friends here.  It is our privilege to serve Him with the many other servants who make up the body of LIFE Fellowship and are pursuing at all costs, a passionate, God-centered life.