College LIFE

The college and post college years are some of the most formative yet challenging years of a young person’s life.  College campuses are a melting pot of ideologies, preferences and beliefs, with little regard for the truth and too many young people today are leaving their faith at home when they head off to college.

At LIFE Fellowship, our heart for college students is that they would find a safe place to ask challenging questions, to wrestle with their faith in light of a culture that largely disagrees with them and to build authentic community all while remaining tethered to the gospel.  We want to equip and encourage students to engage the culture and live the gospel; on campus, in classrooms and in their careers.

Life. Faith. Sin. Relationships. Careers. We want to step into the spaces where our young people are walking and offer sound, Biblical and practical counsel as they navigate this challenging and rewarding season of life.

Our college LIFE Group meets every other Wednesday throughout the school year.  Contact Dan Burrell with questions or to find out when we'll be meeting next.