Author: Bennett Harris

Working Out The Kinks

I became a watering girl that summer. Not because my black thumb suddenly turned green, but because my husband had ordered a heap of mulch, and I was determined to not have a lame, mulch-focused landscaped section of our house. Mulch should be the accessory, not the main feature. My opinion. In response to the […]

The Goldilocks Worshipper

Our church is currently studying the topic of spiritual disciplines. One of the spiritual disciplines we have studied is the act of worship. As a worship pastor, I admit that there seems to be a little bit of a dichotomy present within the combination of the words “discipline” and “worship”. Discipline implies obedience, yes. But […]

Living On Borrowed Time

I have a confession: I’ve always been a bucket list kind of gal. I have had many dreams on that list: travel luxuriously in Paris and Switzerland, spend a month lounging in the Maldives, photograph wolves during a helicopter tour in Yellowstone, go for a snowy sleigh ride at Christmastime in Canada, surf Cloudbreak in […]