Elder Statement

Elder Statement Regarding the Wearing of Masks

Dear LIFE Fellowship Family,

As most of you are aware, our state is showing a new increase in the numbers of people infected with the Coronavirus.  On Thursday, our Governor issued an Executive Order that requested that most North Carolina citizens wear a facial covering when in public to try to slow the infection rate.  We are glad that we can still continue with in-person services, yet there are some directives in the order which we as elders feel we should acknowledge and respect as we continue inviting folks to worship with us on campus.  Doing this recognizes the authority of our Governor and also challenges us to do our part for the good of our church family.

As such, we respectfully ask those who plan to attend church in person on Sunday, to please plan to wear a mask whenever in the building and any other time when social distancing may be difficult.  We would encourage you to bring your own facial covering, but we will have masks available at the door for those who would like one as they enter.   We recognize that the Governor’s order allows for exceptions to this for some individuals and that will be at the discretion of those who meet those exceptions.  In addition, the pastors and worship team are not able to wear masks in the performance of their platform responsibilities and that is another permissible exception.  While on campus, we would also ask that you continue to observe social distancing.  Our team continues to work diligently at maintaining the highest of sanitation standards with frequent cleaning, disinfecting and other protocols.  In addition, we will continue to offer live-streaming of our services at 9:15 and 11:00 and we also have a room with a livestream reserved for those who feel uncomfortable in a room where folks are singing or where some may not be wearing masks.  To reserve your seat in any of our services or rooms, please visit our signup page.

We realize that this is a challenging season for our nation and for us locally as well.  We continue to pray for unity, safety, healing, reconciliation and most of all, for opportunities to glorify God in our actions and attitudes throughout this unprecedented time.  Please pray for our national  and state officials and the leadership of LIFE Fellowship as we each try to fulfill our roles of providing direction and safety.  It is a heavy responsibility at every level.  We as Elders of LIFE Fellowship appreciate your prayers and support as we seek to honor God, stay faithful to His Word and serve His people to the best of our abilities.  By showing deference, grace and unity, we can make a difference – in our church AND in our communities.

The Elder Team of LIFE Fellowship